Whether your tile floor needs repair because of wear and tear or an accident that causes the tiles to break and detach, working with a professional technician can offer several advantages over doing it yourself. For one, a pro has a complete set of tools that allow results of top-notch quality. Another is that professionals work as a team, which means the fixing is efficient for on-time completion.

Here’s how a professional does a tile repair in Oceanside, CA:

Step 1 | Assess the damage. At this stage, your technician will determine the extent of the damage, which part needs repair, and the most suitable fixing method to address the issue.
Step 2 | After determining the damage and the scope of work, cleaning the damaged area follows. Before fixing the damaged tiles, your technician ensures the surface is free from debris. He may use a cloth or brush to remove dirt or chipped pieces.

Step 3 | Based on the result of the assessment, the technician begins the repair using the repair method that is most appropriate for your case.
Step 4 | After cleaning the surface and making it debris and broken tiles-free, the application of epoxy resin or tile repair adhesive follows.
Step 5 | After applying adhesive, the technician removes the excess using a putty knife or spatula, leaving the surface clean and debris-free.
Step 6 | The technician will seal the grout, which is porous, to prevent the liquid from absorbing underneath. It helps prolong the lifespan of your tile floor.
Step 7 | Once the adhesive and grout have dried up, the technician will clean the surface using a damp cloth or sponge to wipe any residue away.
Step 8 | The technician will help determine schedules for regular maintenance and preventive care to ensure the newly repaired tile floor will go a long way.

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