Granite and natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Diego, CA presents an extra challenge for any homeowner. For one, they are porous and may allow liquids to penetrate below the surface, which can cause stains where bacteria build ups can exist making its way into stone floors, showers, and countertops. In situations like this, it makes sense to hire a Groutsmith that has been proven to deliver top quality results. One can prevent the occurrence of stains by having the granite and stone surfaces professionally cleaned and sealed.

Finding a qualified contractor

The task of cleaning and sealing alone is already challenging, but finding a qualified contractor can be difficult as well. How can one find a good contractor for granite and natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Diego, CA? Consider the following:

Checking previous work – One of the areas that a client should not forget checking is the Groutsmith’s portfolio. Previous work will almost certainly reflect future work. Able to view a before and after gallery? If not it may make sense to find a provider that does like The Groutsmith.

Listen to people’s feedback – Word of mouth has been a powerful tool in communication. What other people are saying about the contractor? What are its previous and current clients saying about the service? If there is more negative feedback than the positive, that contractor’s reputation might be indeed questionable.

Review the industry experience – It is common knowledge that experience comes with time, the longer the time a contractor is in business the more experience in the industry is achieved. Does the contractor have decades of work experience? If that is so, that contractor is most likely reputable.

Scrutinize the service charges – How about the price? Is the contractor charging too high or too low? If it is too low, it makes sense to take another look of the prospective work process. Please note also that high price does not always mirror high quality. To weigh things out, check the industry average charges for granite and natural stone cleaning and sealing in San Diego, CA. Make use of it as a basis for price checking.

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